Lip Augmentation


Lip Augmentation

 Lip Augmentation in 10 minutes



  • Achieve Golden Ratio For A Beautiful Face
  • Plump your lips and make yourself look younger
  • Get rid of wrinkles
  • Stop Using ‘Photoshop’

Who of us doesn’t wish to have perfect lips?



The Evolution of Social Media  has proved to everyone that we should pay more attention to our visual features. When you examine the photos much more carefully, anyone who feels that they have thin, volumeless  lips may prefer lip augmentation. In particular, one of the negative effects of aging is that the lips succumb to gravity, lose their volume and become deflated due to constant decrease in the amount of Hyaluronic Acid. Considering all these reasons, lip augmentation is a life-saving, impressive and fast-resulting touch for everyone, regardless of whether the subjects are young, old, men or women.


Operation Process


We have explained the process after deciding to undergo a lip augmentation procedure. The stages are as follows;


An examination is performed and information about the lip augmentation procedure is given.


Lip augmentation  takes place at the agreed time.


After the lip augmentation procedure, the patient is kept for a short time and the patient is discharged.


Is Lip Augmentation Painful?


When you undergo any aesthetic procedure, the first question is whether  the procedure is painful or not. In this sense, you want to find out if lip fillers are really painful. It is normal to have some side effects in aesthetic applications.


However, the key point to be considered here is to minimise the side effects. In this regard, the pain in lip fillers depends on whether the beauty centres where the procedure is applied are equipped with appropriate devices . Thus, the feeling of pain in lip fillers is minimal in fully equipped beauty centres.


You do not need to go to unregistered beauty centres to undergo Lip Augmentation. Instead, you can make an appointment 24/7 from the best beauty centre.. More aesthetic lips will make your perspective on life increasingly positive. For this reason, you can have lip fillers to get the feeling of warmth and peace surrounding you. You can also ask your beautician everything you wonder about this application.


What are the Advantages of Lip Augmentation?


  • Soft, Smooth, Kissable Lips
  • Youthful Appearance
  • Plumping your lips
  • Return to your social life and work in a shorter time.
  • Lip contouring.
  • Getting rid of lip lines
  • Safe and almost painless.
  • Long Lasting Durable Effect
  • Achieving Quick And Effective Results .
  • Improving the symmetry of uneven lips
  • Lips Looking Plumper Without Makeup.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you can find answers to the most curious questions about lip augmentation.

You should not eat or drink anything for at least 2 hours after the application. Especially hot drinks should be avoided. It is necessary not to apply lip gloss and lipstick on the lips and not to kiss for 3 days in the postoperative period.

After the procedure, a short-term swelling and slight bruising may occur at the needle sites depending on skin sensitivity. However, this situation disappears completely within 3-4 days.

The permanence of hyaluronic acid-based fillers applied to the lips is 6-12 months and can be repeated if desired at the end of this period.

to obtain an extremely natural appearance. The swollen and artificial appearance of the lips is caused by injecting too much filler into the lip or injecting the filler in the wrong place.If the procedure is performed by an experienced physician with the correct technique, it is possible

This question can be answered no. After the effect of anaesthetic creams applied during the procedure after lip augmentation, the lips completely regain feeling.

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