E-MAX Laminate Veneers


E-MAX Laminate Veneers

E-MAX Laminate Veneers  is a procedure that is wondered by many people who want to have dental treatment recently. It is generally compared and confused with procedures such as zirconium veneers. Aesthetic appearance is always prioritized by people. In this method, it is aimed to reveal an aesthetically beautiful image. Today, it is known as the treatment method frequently preferred especially by celebrities. People with Disorders of the tongue are hesitant about smiling. Especially if these problems are related to the front teeth, the situation becomes psychologically disturbing. In this case, people generally laugh in such a way that their teeth are not visible or they cover their teeth with their hands.


Area Of Usage


E-MAX Laminate Veneers has emerged as a technique that has made a name for itself, especially in recent years. It is also frequently compared with the porcelain filling process. E-MAX Laminate Veneers  can be applied in different situations. Since the materials used in the E-MAX Laminate Veneers  are transparent and resistant to breakage and bending, they give the teeth a perfect appearance. It is often preferred for yellowed teeth. This technique is also effective in crooked teeth.It corrects the shapes and structures of curved teeth, especially in the anterior regions. It gives optimum results in the region where the front teeth are located. Teeth where root canal treatment method is preferred can break easily


E-MAX Laminate Veneers  , apart from the aesthetically pleasing appearance it offers , is an ideal choice for the repair of teeth where root canal treatment is applied and accordingly fragile . This method can also be applied to teeth that are broken due to tooth decay or some traumas. Yeşiltepe Polyclinic aims to offer you this method in the best way. You can choose to have porcelain Veneers  and all other procedures done.

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