What is a Dermaroller?

Dermaroller is a  handheld device consisting of  stainless steel / titanium / gold alloy  in cylindrical and rectangular shape and used in skin care with hundreds of micro needles.


In 2012, this product was awarded due to the Microneedling creating microscopic punctures in the USA. Until today, it has been modernised, its area of use has expanded and the shape of the device has changed.



They are known as “Microneedling”, “Skinroller” or “Mesaroller”. The needle length, number and diameter of the needle vary according to the problem that arises.

The needles are 0.5mm or 2 mm long and 1 mm in diameter. If the needles are on a flat surface and used with a stamping stroke on the skin, this device is called Dermastamp. The device has also round and rectangular versions..


Recently, the device called Dermapen has been further developed and put into service with its new system. By using micromotor needles, the speed of penetration into the skin can be adjusted and faster results are obtained.


Dermaroller stimulates the collagen that gives volume and fullness to the face by opening micro holes in the lower layer of the skin, and the skin is nourished with serum vitamins given to the skin after the application. When this application is performed between 1-4 weeks and changes become visible .




It is the most preferred method among people who do not want to undergo surgical intervention and want to get fast results.


When it comes to skin care, women came to mind first, and nowadays, men give the necessary importance to both their physique and skin care. Dermaroller is also popular among these methods.


Although we want to improve our appearance sometimes with cosmetic products and sometimes with personal care products,  lifestyle, social economic situation, sleep pattern, alcohol, excessive coffee and tea consumption, and our responsibilities  age the skin prematurely. It does not show our true age.Bruising and swelling around your eye and skin discoloration deeply disturbs every person. We cannot cope with these problems ourselves. Advancing technology offers medicine to our service with new methods every day. The only thing we will do is to choose the method that gives the best result according to our complaints and problems. Dermaroller is also among these options.





  • Cellulite
  • Acne, scars and burns
  • Hair loss (Baldness)
  • Large pores
  • Sun spots
  • Hyperpigmantation
  • Stretch marks

The length, diameter and number of needles used in each region vary.


The application should be done by a specialist and expert. As with every procedure, there is a possibility of facing unwanted situations.


Different types of dermarollers used for cosmetic purpose are as follows:


  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C
  • Acne scarring
  • Skin Tightening



  • The person who will undergo procedure is prepared 2 weeks in advance.
  • 2 weeks before the procedure , the related skin is checked and vitamin A, vitamin B and antioxidants are given.
  • 2 weeks before the procedure , AHA (Alpha Hydro Acid) products are used.
  • Peels are also applied according to the thickness of the skin.Starting 2 weeks ago,it is recommended to protect yourself from UV Rays in order to get better results.
  • Starting 2 weeks ago,it is recommended to protect yourself from UV Rays in order to get better results.



  • The skin is thoroughly cleaned with antiseptic.
  • Anesthesia Cream is applied 30-60 minutes before the application.
  • Care is taken to ensure that the system materials used are disposable.
  • Care should be taken to be a specialist and competent.
  • Microscopic channels are reached and the skin is activated by extending to the lower layer of the skin.
  • The lower layer of the skin is stimulated to heal themselves
  • Many drugs such as serum vitamins are applied to the skin.
  • After the application, mild bleeding and edema occur,cold compress is applied to eliminate these complaints.
  • PRP and other medicines, serums and vitamins are applied after the application.
  • The skin is not cleaned for a few times, make-up is not applied.
  • Sunlights are avoided for a few times. (The possibility of dark spots on the face is very high.)
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