Breast Augmentation


Breast Augmentation

Negative changes in the breast tissue may develop due to weight gain and loss, Common postpartum complications or Congenital Anomalies of the Breast. Over time, when aging and gravity factors come into play, a noticeable reduction and sagging of the breasts occurs. In order to solve all these possible problems, you can have a breast augmentation operation and get the breast size you desire. Mostly implants are used for breast augmentation or fat injection can be performed, which you can review under the heading Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation. Breast augmentation can be possible with silicone implants as well as with fat transfer and it can have a very natural appearance. The most important thing to be considered during this operation is the symmetry of the breasts and their personalized appearance.


With a personalized 3D simulation, the patient is shown what the patient will look like after breast augmentation and the doctor decides what kind of strategy to create together with the patient. The patient can see how she will look after breast augmentation with her own eyes beforehand. Then the doctor plans the operation with the strategy he has created.


The most important thing here is to ensure that the patient has a natural, symmetrical and  fresh, natural-looking appearance, after breast augmentation surgery.Breast Augmentation is one of the aesthetic operations that patients are most satisfied with. Thanks to the advanced technology, they are very pleased when they see their breasts successfully enlarged as they were designed before the surgery.


How is Breast Augmentation Surgery Performed?


The implants are placed through 4-5 cm incisions made under the breast. The prosthesis is not placed in the breast tissue. It can be placed under the breast tissue or under the muscle in front of the rib cage. The details of the application are decided after the interviews and examination with the patient. Factors such as the anatomical structure of the person and the elasticity of the skin play a role in making this decision.


It is not possible to apply a single type of breast silicone implants to each patient. It is important to use the breast silicone implants of reliable companies that have made a name for themselves worldwide. Since these silicone implants have been used for more than 30 years, patients do not need to have the slightest confidence problem if they choose the right doctor and healthcare center.


One of the most common questions about silicone implants is whether implants cause cancer; however, as a result of the researches, there is a negligible risk between  breast silicone implants and cancer development. This risk is much less than the risk of problems for a driver  when he/she drives a car . The number of silicone implants-related cancer cases detected in breast augmentation, which is performed so frequently all over the world, is below 100 according to current data. On the contrary, since the breast tissue is small in women who undergo breast augmentation, the risk of breast cancer is also low.


Breast silicone implants can be placed under the breast, at the tip or under the armpit. It is applied under general anesthesia in the operating room environment and the whole procedure takes around 45-60 minutes in total. The patient may need to stay in the hospital on the day of surgery. The patient can stand up and return home the day after the operation. After a 3-4 day rest period at home, the person can return to his/her daily life again and without any problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you can find answers to the most curious questions about Breast Augmentation.

With the researches and examinations conducted in the world, no findings have been found that  the Silicone breast implants cause cancer formation.

As long as no problems are encountered, there is no need to replace them. Changes in women's weight may require a new breast shape. In line with this demand,  it is reshaped with a new application and given an aesthetic appearance.

The brand of implant used and the production materials are important. It does not rupture or explode.

I do not recommend these creams that affect hormones. It is not a safe method.

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