Brazilian Butt Lift


Brazilian Butt Lift

Brazilian Butt Lift  is a kind of Buttock Lift with Augmentation that makes the buttocks look young, natural and more fit. Our patients who do not like the appearance of their buttocks can have Brazilian Butt Lift, regardless of size, shape or sagging skin.


What is Brazilian Butt Lift?


Brazilian Butt Lift is the general name given to aesthetic operations performed on the buttocks of people. The most important way to have a beautiful and attractive body is also  to highlight the body line.


Especially in women, the more rounded hip shape the woman get  the more attractive it looks. As it is known, the most prominent physical feature of Brazilian women is their hips in this regards.


Since not everyone is so lucky, surgical intervention may be needed to have beautiful and large buttocks. In addition to surgical intervention, these procedures are also performed with some filling applications.


Many women are aware of how difficult and partly impossible it is to achieve more beautiful and lifted buttocks naturally. After all, in order to achieve such an appearance naturally, there must be a genetic predisposition.


We can say that butt aesthetics are all the procedures performed to have a more beautiful and better buttocks in order to enhance your lower body’s curves and provide a more proportionate look.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you can find answers to the most curious questions about Brazilian Butt Lift.

Brazilian Butt Lift is one of the most up-to-date procedures and involves removing fat from large areas and transferring it to your buttocks. This leads to a flatter stomach, a slimmer waist and a better butt.

Age: Many patients think that they need to get a little older for this procedure. Actually, it is not so. People of all ages can have this procedure.


Gender: Typically, women have a fat tissue that is softer and less fibrous than male patients. However, if desired, men as well as women can apply for Brazilian Butt Lift.

It is safe because this procedure uses only your own natural fat tissue.

The recovery period for Brazilian butt lift (BBL) is 1 week on average.

It is important not to put pressure on your new butt for three weeks.

We recommend a special pillow so that the fat metabolism is not affected when sitting.

After 48 hours you can take a shower.

Most patients have no pain. You can also exercise again in about three weeks.

Donor fat can be used to add shape. Processing ,enriching with stem cells and injecting it into the buttocks ensures the permanence  because the stem cells continue to live in the area where they are newly transferred and favour a return to better tissue vascularization.

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