About Us

MediAlkent Health Group is a health group established in 2021. It is a health group that has achieved high success in a short time in areas such as oral and dental health, surgical procedures, medical aesthetics.


MediAlkent, which establishes transparent communication with our patients, provides safe and quality treatment, questions and develops its systems, supports its leading position in the health sector with its international quality doctors and certificates.


In this direction, MediAlkent, which provides a seamless service of international standards and quality to our patients, aims to offer you the best with its pioneering vision.


Our team, which is aware of its important role in the development of our country’s health sector, closely follows all innovations and technologies in its field and works to provide these services to its patients in the fastest and most reliable way.


Our Values;


– Patient safety is our priority.

– Effective and quality patient care and treatment is our goal.

– We maintain all our practices in accordance with ethical rules.

– We question ourselves with a system that can be measured and evaluated.

– We create professional development and continuous training opportunities for our human resources.

– It is our social responsibility to be reliable and transparent in the health service we provide and to ensure continuity.


Our Vision

To maintain our reputation in the health sector by continuously improving the qualified health service we provide with our medical staff and competent employees who attach importance to academic values.

Our Mission

We recognise the importance of confidentiality and patient , and we are aware of the needs of our doctors.

As MEDİALKENT HEALTH GROUP, in accordance with our management approach and quality policy;

– We consider the needs, expectations and rights of our patients, employees and all our stakeholders at every step of the service.

– We work in accordance with the principles of laws, regulations and professional ethics.

– We take care to increase the satisfaction of our patients, relatives and employees.

– We take the necessary measures to ensure continuous improvement in patient care .

– We use up-to-date information technologies.

– We attach great importance to increasing employee competences.

– We aim to transfer the systems created for this purpose, our corporate culture and reputation to future generations.

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